How can we work together to tackle ten global challenges in 10 years?


About Us

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What is 10 in 10?

10 in 10 is a new type of organisation; a cross between a foundation, a marketplace and a university. It has been designed on the basis of two decades of disciplined practice tackling complex challenges. 

We see ourselves as a new breed of organisation. Rather than being daunted by complexity, we are at home in complex situations, seeing them as opportunities for changing systems no longer fit for purpose. 

What is our mission? 

Our mission is to tackle ten global challenges in ten years. 

We will achieve this through financing and training thousands of teams across the world. 

Our teams will be drawn from multiple sectors, including communities most impacted by these challenges. They will deliver meaningful results at both a scale and a pace reflecting the reality of a world where every month now counts. 

The ten global challenges include:

  • Climate Change 

  • Water 

  • Agriculture & Food 

  • Gender Inequality 

  • Youth Unemployment 

  • Social Housing

  • Mental Health 

  • Early Years (Children Under 5)

  • Structural Racism 

  • Artificial Intelligence 

Why 10 years? 

Our actions over the coming decade are likely to determine the fate of humanity.

If we are unable to address an entire portfolio of interconnected challenges then we will cross tipping points from which there will be no return.

Our mission at 10 in 10 is to figure out how to put our shoulders to the collective wheel in order to avert catastrophic collapse. 

We believe we are in a decade where what we collectively do every month, every week, every day and every minute matters profoundly. 

For a sense of the current state of the science have a read at some of the articles below.

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