How can we work together to tackle ten global challenges in 10 years?

Complexity University

Complexity University

Join us in Oxford for a 3 day masterclass in how to tackle the worlds most complex challenges

Join us in Udaipur for a one year full-time programme in tackling complex challenges

Get A Cutting-Edge Education at Complexity University

Getting really good at tackling complex challenges requires practice. 

The skills required cannot simply be learnt in a classroom. This would be a little bit like studying cooking theory in a classroom instead of actually getting your hands dirty in a kitchen, or like studying football tactics in a classroom over practicing in a field. 

Complexity University is a cutting edge pedagogical community for learning the skills to devise and implement effective responses to complex challenges. 

Through Complexity University we will be supporting teams going through our funds, as well as offering support to build the capacity of the wider community to tackle complex challenges. Find out below how Complexity University can support you.

Courses and Events

We offer a range of courses and events to learn more about how to develop strategies for tackling complex social challenges:

0.5 Day Introductory sessions - Free sessions designed to provide an introduction to our approach. We aim to offer 4-6 such sessions a year, in various locations around the world.

3 Day Masterclass - A deeper dive, enabling participants to learn how to understand the difference between good strategy and bad strategy, between practice and malpractice. This allows us to ensure responses do not simply make things worse, but actually achieve real impact within the systems that we work. Offered publicly 1-2 times per year, as either a residential or non-residential course depending on location. Also available for your team/organisation.

Find out more details and see our course schedule at, or contact us to find out about scheduling a course for your organisation.

Complexity South + Complexity North

Complexity University will run a one-year intensive residential programme designed for anyone interested in a world-class practical education in responding effectively to complex social challenges.

Complexity South, based in Udaipur India, will open for applications in early 2020.

Complexity North, based in Spain, will open for applications in mid 2020.

Term 1 Foundation

September to December Arrival.
Orientation. Induction. Agreements. Learning to work in Groups. Cooking. Cleaning. Building.

Term 2 Teaching 

February to June
Theoretical Foundations. Core Concepts. Guest Lectures. Reading. Writing. Reflection.

Term 3 Practice 

July to December
Lab Cycle. Participants will deliver a Lab Cycle on a live Challenge. Return. Closing.

If you’re interested in applying to Complexity South or North, please fill in the below form and we will be in touch. 

An online platform designed to support teams is in beta testing with a number of teams from around the world involved in its development. 

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