How can we work together to tackle ten global challenges in 10 years?


How To Contact Us

One of the problems we see with Business As Usual philanthropy is the relationship between those usually called “grant givers” and “grantees.”

Part of our mission is to transform this relationship from a purely transactional relationship to one that is a relationship between peers.

We believe that this commitment has to start with how we talk to each other. 

So if you want to contact us, there are several ways.

Send us a message…

We use Telegram for messaging. Drop us a message to request the invite link and join the community.

Grab a coffee…

We hold open evenings every month. Click here for a list of locations. Or send us an email with the subject: coffee? And we will see what we can do. 

Email us…

And for all you Shy Radicals out there, you can also send us an email at