How can we work together to tackle ten global challenges in 10 years?


Partner With Us

We are building a pipeline of Funds and are currently seeking partners to launch with. The pipeline includes the following:


How can we work together to create meaningful, creative and safe livelihoods for young women in India?

The Amazon Fund

How can we work together on preserving the Amazon Rainforest? 

The Women’s Wellbeing Fund, Lebanon

How can we support the wellbeing of women in post-conflict situations?

The Food Sovereignty Fund

How can we ensure food sovereignty for the population of Palestine? 

The Early Years Fund

How can we address priority needs for 0-5 year olds?

Other potential Funds include an SDGs Fund, a Circular Economy Fund, and a Rural Agribusiness Innovation Fund. If you are interested in partnering with us then please get in touch.